A truly powerful person doesn't spend too much on pleasing and attaching to others. The so-called circles and resources are just derivatives. The most important thing is to improve their internal work. Only after self-cultivation can others come to attach to it. I am a plane tree, the Phoenix will come to live; I am the sea, Baichuan will come to converge. Only when you reach that level will you have a corresponding circle, not the other way around.


People always like to put on a mask for themselves, and what kind of you are under the mask? Some wounds, no matter how long they last, still hurt when touched; others, no matter how long they last, still hurt when remembered. I hope one day, I can not miss you so much when I am lonely, sick and sad. Well, goodbye, I love you so much, though clumsy, but also made a lot of efforts, so I don't regret it.


Sometimes a man has to make some difficult choices, even though most people don't agree with them, but he knows that he is responsible for the future. Some people are doomed to say goodbye. You can watch his back go farther and farther. But after he disappears, you still need to pick up your spirits and move on.

四、生活中, 总有人不知不觉地消失在你的生命里。有的挥挥手说了再见之后就各安天涯;有的甚至来不及好好告别就渐行渐远。走散的朋友、错过的爱人,没来得及说出口的喜欢, 和一些无疾而终的感情, 让我们明白什么是珍贵。

In life, there are always people who unconsciously disappear into your life. Some waved goodbye and then settled down; others went farther and farther before they even had time to say goodbye. The lost friends, the missing lover, the love that we have not had time to say, and some feelings that have passed without illness, let us understand what is precious.

五、总以为来日方长, 总以为岁月温柔,却在没来得及时, 猝不及防地失去。或许让人遗憾的,更多的是那个不够热诚和勇敢的自己。愿你赤诚勇敢如少年,回望此路,了无遗憾。

Always think that the future is long, always think that the years are gentle, but not in time, suddenly lost. Perhaps it's a pity that more of them are not enthusiastic and brave enough. May you be as brave as a teenager and look back on this road without regret.


Kindness is inherent, but it's hard to keep it. No wonder the older you are, the more childish you are, the more you like children. What they had was what we had lost. I hope we can grow up together, be kind all the time, and everything will be all right.

七、忘不了一个人,不是因为这个人有多好,而是在你生命里,留下了独一无二的记忆,这是别人永远 也给不了的。机会你给了我,让我看到了希望,然而我又看到了失望,等待很痛苦,漫长的时间会慢慢的把我想要的美好磨灭,然而我还是要等,尽管我很失望,很伤心,这就是代价。我不会再向你要什么机会了,因为我怕等。

Forget a person, not because of how good this person is, but in your life, left a unique memory, which others will never give. Opportunity you gave me, let me see hope, but I also saw disappointment, waiting very painful, a long time will slowly wear away the good I want, but I still have to wait, although I am disappointed, very sad, that is the price. I won't ask you for any more chance because I'm afraid to wait.


After three years of separation and closure, many of them had been retained with hoarseness and exhaustion, but for the last time they were surprisingly calm. No one but yourself knows how much joy or sorrow there is in your story. There is no empathy in this world. So don't open your wound foolishly and complain to others. There are many salty people in this world, not doctors.


The harder you work, the luckier you are. Don't give younger people too many excuses. What you can do now is nothing but hard work. We will meet many people in our lives, who can calm down to your people, even if it is to listen to your nagging, see your hard work, give you shoulders, hug you tightly... It's the best answer. Fate is something that comes mysteriously and goes in a hurry. If you can collide with each other, you must cherish it. For the rest of our lives and the world is so big, we will always grow old.


Emotion is a matter of mutual tolerance or substitution. Now that we are in love, we should accompany each other well. Crowds are so crowded, roads are so wide, if we deceive each other, we will eventually go far and scatter. In order to stand up to their own once throbbing, I hope that all the waiting is worth paying attention to, I hope that all the likes can be found, and I hope that all the companions will remain old.

十一、人活着,别欺骗别人。谎言就是一把刀,插在了信任你的人心上,要多疼就有多疼!信任是一杯水,一旦浑浊,无法清澈。信任是一面镜子,一旦破碎,难以粘合。人若诚信,就会有人和你交心;人若失信;谁都会对你死心。不管爱情还是友情,如果你丢了真心,忘了感恩,失了诚信,你就什么都不是 。

People live, don't deceive others. A lie is a knife, inserted in the heart of those who trust you, how much pain there is! Trust is a glass of water, once turbid, can not be clear. Trust is a mirror, once broken, it is difficult to bond. If a person is honest, he will have a heart to heart with you; if a person is dishonest, he will die for you. No matter love or friendship, if you lose your heart, forget to be grateful, lose your integrity, you are nothing.


Life needs four kinds of cultivation: one is tolerance. It is not necessarily cowardice to tolerate a moment's anger and a hundred days'calamity. Second, we can see through it. The greatest calmness is not to see through the red dust, but to see through life and still love life. Third, it is affordable. To be a man, we should shoulder the responsibility, not shirk the responsibility, not escape, and face the bleak life directly.


Sometimes, we strive hard and always want to be better, but we must also learn to accept those that can not be changed, change those that we can change, which is the starting point of happiness. When tears come together into a fountain. Finally, I cried tired eyes and hurt my heart.


Believe it or not, there's someone waiting to meet someone like you. If you decide to leave a person, act quickly and cut through the mess; if you decide to fall in love with a person, lengthen the time to see if it suits you.


When you are working, if something happens to your family, please don't hesitate to do your best to accompany your family. Work is important, but don't forget the reason why you go to work; only when your work concerns the interests of many people can you leave your family for everyone.


I am not as free and easy as you think, not love or not love can be casually said. In fact, I like you this thing is only three minutes of heat, just three minutes after three minutes, never stop.

十七、 生活应该是向前走的,那些零碎的不重要的言语,以及风尘沙粒,应该是被抛在身后的。只有这样,你才能成为更强大的自己。

Life should be moving forward, those fragmentary and unimportant words, as well as dust and sand, should be left behind. Only in this way can you become a stronger self.